Wonderful Words

Young readers have a wild time learning the names of a wide variety of animals in this delightfully illustrated exercise in building strong vocabulary skills. Each carefully categorized group of creatures is depicted in illustrations, and each illustration is labeled with the name of the animal. This allows readers to practice reading the names of common animals, as well as learn the names of animals that are unfamiliar. Short, simple sentences guide readers through this unique learning journey, and adorable illustrated characters add an extra touch of fun throughout. In addition, questions are included that facilitate discussion and additional learning.

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Reading Level: K-1

Interest Level: Pre-K-1

Product type : Library Bound Book
ISBN : 978-1-5383-9446-5
Author : Jordan Wray
Copyright : 2024
Language : English
Pages : 48
Trim : 8" x 8"
Dewey : 590--dc23