The 7 Character Strengths of Highly Successful Students

We all know people who greet every new day with a big smile and lots of positive, can-do energy, regardless of the anxieties, stresses, problems, and obstacles that may be looming. A growing body of research suggests having zest can result in greater success; greater happiness and well-being; better physical and mental health; and larger, stronger, and more sustaining social networks. Teens who learn the habit of zest have been shown to perform better academically and socially. This resource will help teach them how to approach every situation, problem, or challenge with zest, and reveal to them the vibrant and dazzling existence that awaits those who approach life with this incredibly powerful and transformative character strength. This extended argument in favor of zest lends itself well to the various reading and analysis standards of the Common Core Curriculum for informational texts, including summary, analysis of arguments and their supporting details, identifying main ideas, and analyzing an author's viewpoint and purpose.

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