Journey to the Sun

Spotlight on Space Science

The Sun is one of 300 billion stars in our galaxy, but to those of us on Earth, it is the most special star of them all. The Sun is what makes all life on Earth possible because it provides heat and energy for life to thrive. This book will let readers explore the Sun inside and out as they learn about everything from sunspots and solar flares to what the Sun is made of. Complemented by full color photographs and illustrations, the book's accessible text makes complex topics easy to follow.

Library Bound Book List: $26.25 / S&L: $19.70
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eBook List: $26.25 / S&L: $19.70

Reading Level: 5

Interest Level: 4-6

Product type : Library Bound Book
ISBN : 978-1-4994-0432-6
Author : Max Koehler
Copyright : 2015
Language : English
Category : Science, Earth and Space Science
Pages : 32
Trim : 7 1/8" x 8 1/2"
Dewey : 523.7
Subject : Science, Earth and Space Science
Binding : Library
BISAC : JNF051140
illustrations • Full-color photographs