The Civil Rights Act of 1964

Landmark Anti-Discrimination Legislation

The Library of American Laws and Legal Principles

Before the Civil Rights Act was passed, African Americans faced widespread discrimination. This book captures the societal turmoil in America during the civil rights movement as African Americans began demanding their constitutional protections. With the use of primary source images, engaging sidebars, and well-written text, we see first hand the features of the movement, how presidents Kennedy and Johnson sought ways to guarantee their rights to African Americans, and just how life has changed in America since the passage of this important legislation.

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Book Review--"The book is organized well. It takes the reader through the need for Civil Rights, enforcing Civil Rights and includes information on racial segregation in the south. It's a great source for research."

Book Review--
"Index is complete and helpful. Well written to explain the basics of the civil rights movement, easy and concise, great summary. Highly Recommended."
- K. Thompson, Lakewood M.S. Library
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