Cave Geologists

Out of the Lab: Extreme Jobs in Science

Caves are some of the creepiest and coolest places on Earth. Brave scientists known as cave geologists venture into their dark depths in order to learn more about these extreme places. Thanks to detailed text and photographs of cave geologists at work, readers can feel like they're in mysterious caves alongside these scientists. Cave geologists use science, technology, engineering, and math to do their research and to stay safe in this dangerous environment. In learning about this career, readers also learn about important topics in STEM-focused science curricula. Fun fact boxes and a graphic organizer enhance this exciting reading experience.

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Reading Level: 4-5

Interest Level: 4-6

Product type : Library Bound Book
ISBN : 978-1-5081-4515-8
Author : Christine Honders
Copyright : 2016
Language : English
Category : Careers
Pages : 32
Trim : 8 1/2" x 11"
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Subject : Careers
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