Galileo Galilei

Father of Modern Science

Rulers, Scholars, and Artists of the Renaissance

This is the engrossing story of Galileo, the great Italian scientist, who would forever change how scientists conduct experiments and how we look at the heavens and Earth's place in them. By performing accurate experiments that could be repeated, he was able to disprove many accepted theories of the day that had never before been tested. He then made vast improvements to the newly invented telescope and turned it toward the heavens--again challenging the accepted and church-approved beliefs of the day by examining the skies. His work resulted in charges of heresy by the Catholic Church, and Galileo spent his final years under house arrest.

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"An attractive, interesting biography of an important historical figure. RECOMMENDED."--Gainesville HS

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"EXCELLENT. Helpful pictures with captions. Recommended."- D. Eckery, Irving School
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