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How a Recession Works
Library Bound Book
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Reading Level:
Grade 6
Interest Level:
Grades 7 – 12
High/Low Resource
80 pp.
6 1/2" x 9 1/8"
Full-color and Black-and-White Photographs, Illustrations, Glossary, Index, Bibliography, Further Reading, Graphic Organizers, List of Organizations, Sidebars, Web Sites
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How a Recession Works

By Jeanne Nagle

This book succeeds in making complicated, abstract economic theories, practices, and processes not only accessible and comprehensible, but also highly relevant to young readers' lives. It also comes at a crucial moment in American history, as the nation enters a period of likely severe and prolonged recession. Your readers will learn exactly what recession is, how to cope with it, and how it can be controlled or moderated. This excellent information will give your young reader tools to understand what is happening to family finances. It will also reduce the anxiety felt about the nation's economic situation because knowledge and understanding are empowering, as are the coping strategies discussed. Includes lots of dramatic examples of historical recessionary periods and grave consequences. Also features interesting sidebars such as "Myths and Facts about Recession" and "Ten Great Questions to Ask a Financial Adviser."

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Book Review: How a Recession Works
"Detailed explanations of economic indicators, business cycles, inflation, GDP, and the role the federal government plays in helping to control the economy are included, as are many other relevant concepts. The difference between a recession and a depression is made clear in both books, and real-world examples of all types are used?"
--School Library Journal

Book Review: How A Recession Works
"This is timely information...a plus for Economics classes and for students interested in the past and present of our ecnomy."
--Teresa Kathcart, Weatherford High School

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