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Reading Level:
Grade 5
Interest Level:
Grades 5 – 8
At Level Resource
48 pp.
6 1/2" x 10"
Full-color and Black-and-White Photographs, Illustrations, Glossary, Index, Cultural Background , For Further Information Section, Further Reading, Historical Context Overview, Introductory and Epilogue Material, Maps, Web Sites
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Vampires New!

Legends of the Undead

By Rob Shone


With the smash success of contemporary vampire stories such as "Twilight" and the explosion of Young Adult vampire books, this graphic nonfiction compendium brings readers back to the folkloric origins of these macabre tales and the semi-historical sources for vampire mythology. Collecting three lesser known but deeply chilling vampire stories from seventeenth century England, eighteenth century Serbia, and nineteenth century Rhode Island, this book draws the reader into a world of shadows, suspense, menace, and pure terror. Vividly illustrated in rich, saturated colors and almost unnervingly atmospheric, these stories remind readers of just how dangerous the vampires of ancient legend were. They were indeed a far cry from the sensitive and serenely beautiful, angst-ridden adolescent versions popular today. Chilling and hair-raising tales told in artfully wrought full-color graphic panels, coupled with scrupulous historical, cultural, and sociological context, this book is a treasure trove of fascinating and frightening folklore.

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Series Review: Graphic Tales of the Supernatural
"Typical of Rosen, they are sturdy hardcover books that are durable for continuous high demand check out. The pages are colorful and printed on high gloss paper. Overall the series is presented in an enjoyable format. The information is detailed without being overwhelming."
—Snow Wildsmith, No Flying No Tights

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