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Racism and Ethnic Discrimination
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Grade 9
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Grades 9 – 12
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Racism and Ethnic Discrimination

By Alana Lentin

Despite the long struggle to eliminate racism, it is still very much with us. Since 9/11, racism appears to be on the rise, making it more important than ever before to understand the meaning of race and the effect it has on society. Author Alana Lentin maps the emergence and development of ideas about race through political history right up to modern debates about multiculturalism and Islamophobia, and considers the implications of a "post-racial" society at a time when science has shifted focus to genetics over culture. Provocative and intelligent reading for the newcomer and expert alike, this invaluable resource exposes the roots of racial thought and demonstrates why it has remained crucial to our everyday lives.


Series Review: Contemporary Issues
"High school students will find this authoritative and concise series valuable for researching current issues. It provides an objective view in an organized, clear format that will appeal to those students. The ancillary materials...enhance these worhwhile resources. Students seeking the latest information on controversial issues will use these titles frequently."
--Library Media Connection

Book Review: Racism and Ethnic Discrimination
"This book contains a plethora of information derived from scientific studies and academic sources. A well-described index make the book useful for research purposes. The book is targeted for upper-level academic classes and college."
--Carol Bookmiller, West Allegheny High School

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