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Frequently Asked Questions About Plagiarism
Library Bound Book
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Reading Level:
Grades 5 – 6
Interest Level:
Grades 7 – 12
High/Low Resource
64 pp.
6 1/2" x 9 1/8"
Full-color Photographs, Glossary, Index, Author Biography, Bibliography, For Further Information Section, Further Reading, List of Organizations, Sidebars, Web Sites
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Frequently Asked Questions About Plagiarism

By Liz Sonneborn

This timely book provides the fundamentals about plagiarism--what it is, why should anyone care about it, how a person can avoid it, what will happen if a person gets caught plagiarizing, and how attitudes about plagiarizing are changing. Readers learn about copying and copyright issues, and types of plagiarism. On the reverse side, they'll learn proper methods for quoting other sources, paraphrasing others' ideas, citing quotations and ideas, creating citations and bibliographies, and checking work for accuracy. The friendly, helpful narrative gives students all they need to become original authors with perfect source-related etiquette.

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Series Review: FAQ Teen Life, Set 9
""These books cover a range of topics? Gangs provides solid background material about a topic that will interest some teens. Social Networking takes a conversational tone and includes advice on how to be safe online. Plagiarism contains some compelling and newsworthy examples of the practice among well-known writers and musicians? they could prove useful where hi/lo titles are needed."
--School Library Journal

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