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Math Explained
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Reading Level:
Grade 10
Interest Level:
Grades 9 – 12
At Level Resource
280 – 336 pp.
6" x 9"
Black-and-White Photographs, Illustrations, Glossary, Index, Annotated Illustrations, Bibliography, Introductory and Epilogue Material
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The universal language of numbers has allowed individuals to transcend cultural differences and make collaborative efforts to comprehend the world mathematically. Though many of these mathematicians may never have met the predecessors who made their own work possible, their collective works form the foundations of mathematics as it is known today. This series introduces students not only to the theories and formulas that form the basis of each field of mathematics, but to the individuals who dedicated their lives to pushing numerical boundaries. Detailed diagrams provide visual summaries of complex concepts and make these books an asset to both to lovers of math and to those who may find math unapproachable.

• Engages students in both math and history
• Comprehensive coverage of both basic and complex ideas
• Accessible to all interest levels

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Series Review: Math Explained
"This comprehensive advanced series contains a plethora of information on the history and application of higher-level math concepts...For schools with strong higher-level math programs, this series could be of some value."
—Library Media Connection

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