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Skin Cancer
Library Bound Book
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Reading Level:
Grade 5
Interest Level:
Grades 7 – 12
High/Low Resource
64 pp.
7 1/4" x 9 1/4"
64 pp., Full-color Photographs, Glossary, Index, Bibliography, For Further Information Section, Web Sites
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Skin Cancer

Current and Emerging Trends in Detection and Treatment

By Tracie Egan

Filled with helpful information on this preventable form of cancer, the author explores how cells can become
cancerous and how skin cancer in particular develops. It covers the differences between non-melanomas and melanoma, the current statistics regarding fatality rates, and the frequency of occurrence of each type of skin
cancer. Using sidebars, clear captions, and full-color
photos, this book covers current and emerging
treatment options, preventative measures, alternative treatments, and education.


Series Review: Cancer and Modern Science
"...with a highly readable design, including crisp color photos and anatomical diagrams, the series will also serve the needs of student researchers. Also features excellent, extensive back batter, with a glossary, a bibliography, and Web sites."

Series Review:
"With vivid electron micrographic images... these slim, colorful volumes are certainly eye-catching to potential researchers... Photographs, diagrams, multihued headings, and spotlighted inserts are plentiful... are solid overviews of the current understanding of these conditions..."
—School Library Journal

Series Review:
"The colorful photos or illustrations enhance the understanding of the text... a multipage glossary defines confusing scientific terms."
—Nancy Kuta, Juanita High School LWSD

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