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Jr. Graphic Monster Stories: Set 1
Library Set
© Year
Reading Level:
Grade 2 - 3
Interest Level:
Grades 3 - 6
At Level Resource
24 pp.
10 X 6 1/2
Fact Sheets, Glossary, Illustrated, Index, Pronunciation Guide, Web Sites
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Jr. Graphic Monster Stories: Set 1


From spooky ghosts to potion-brewing witches and the walking undead, monsters and the legends they inspire will always offer both thrills and chills to readers. Both reluctant readers and those who love to curl up with a good book will be captivated by these graphic retellings of classic monster stories. With an eye toward getting at the truth behind some of these stories, these graphic titles take a unique approach to an exciting, sometimes gruesome, and always spine-tingling genre. Each book also includes a page with lore and legends that will entice readers to explore further. Readers will decide if truth is stranger than fiction as they peek into the realm of the supernatural.


Series Review: Jr. Graphic Monster Stories
"The series delves into the high interest topic of monsters. Each graphic novel has brightly colored and illustrated panels, speech bubbles, and illuminated text and lettering. ... Students who are already interested in scary stories will be on the lookout for these."
--Library Media Connection

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